Following Beatrix

Following Beatrix

Nov. 2nd, 2016 11-2 pm at five different locations throughout campus

Concept/Score by Wiegmann. Performed by Bernard Brown, Jennie Mary Tai Liu, Carol McDowell, Cheryl Banks-Smith, Devika Wickremesinghe and Flora Wiegmann

The Score:

  1. A Comfortable Approach
  2. Acclimate
  3. What’s Underfoot
  4. Signal and Receive
  5. The Gardener’s Record



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Halo of Consciousness / L’Aureole de la Conscience

Performed at Union Station, as part of the Seattle Art Fair

Curated by Laura Fried

3-part video on Vmeo

This work was initially conceived for the former site of a Culte Antoiniste temple in Brussels, Belgium. The religion, founded in 1910, combines elements of Catholicism, the cycle of reincarnation, tolerance of all other faiths, healing through simple rites and rituals, and transcending the limits of intellect towards higher consciousness. Halo of Consciousness investigates imagined actions that could be unique to Antoinism, the history of movement and ailments that reside in the two dancers’ bodies, and the possibility to activate consciousness through meditative events.  

Choreography by Wiegmann

Performed by Wiegmann and Rebecca Bruno

“Silence is the highest degree of wisdom”………Louis-Joseph Antoine

The musical accompaniment for each section is heard only by the dancers throughout the duration of the piece. The soundtrack is played both before and after the dance.

The general operation
The shadow rises
A damaged organ
The ritual, immutable
The trough of the wave


at C. Nichols Project

April 1-30, 2014

press release

Review of Dyslexicon, May 2014, by Carol Cheh

Wall text served as dance instructions for participating choreographers including: Rebecca Bruno, Margherita Elliot, Busy Gagnes, Jil Stein, Christine Suarez, Lisa Wahlander, Alexa Weir, Allison Wyper, and Flora Wiegmann. Each worked individually to create repeatable dances based on each text. The closing reception allowed for each interpretation to be showcased side-by-side, resulting performances containing obvious artistic difference and surprising similarities.

Busy Gagnes and Alexa Weir
dyslexicon 2
Lisa Wahlander, Flora Wiegmann and Margherita Elliot
dyslexicon 3
Flora Wiegmann and Margherita Elliot
dyslexicon 4
Busy Gagnes and Alexa Weir

The Stand In (or a glass of milk)


Flora Wiegmann and Alexa Weir collaborate on a three-part performance which spans the course of 3 months. The first act will be performed on Sunday, September 15th at 7:30 pm. The second act will occur in October after Wiegmann and Weir rearrange, investigate, diminish, and expand the material. The final act will follow suit in November. Through the viewing of all three parts, the process of making is revealed while the performers investigate the question of when a dance is ready to be performed.

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Allay Alight (with undertow)

The original version, Allay Alight, was performed at the Berkeley Art Museum in 2012. This solo performance occurred in the same physical space as James Lee Byars’ Perfect Square.  The first line of paper laid out for his performance acted as the structure for Wiegmann’s work some 38 years later.  As an alterable and transportable piece, iterations have also been performed at the center line of a soccer field and along the East River in NYC.

30 minutes, performed on June 22nd, 2013 at 356 Mission, Los Angeles

additional dancer: Alexa Weir
photos/video by Naotaka Hiro


watch the live performance  (in 3 separate clips)