Reduction Burn, Made in L.A., Hammer Museum

Reduction Burn, Made in L.A., Hammer Museum


Reduction Burn is both a 6-channel video work and live performance.

In the installation, each of the 6 screens represent different stages of entropy; the dance breaks down in a way that suggests alteration of form, disintegration of the movement, movement as rubble, and finally, a place for regeneration. Both the sound, composed by Ben Shemie, and the costumes by Nancy Stella Soto shift and change for each stage of development.

In the live iterations, the dance loops are stacked end-to-end, each a stage in a sequence of transformation over 30 minutes.

The conceptual basis for the work is that regeneration can follow a period of destruction. This as a metaphor for multiple things today in our political, social and natural environments. The recent fires in California remind us that a small spark can set off a course for violent transition. In forest fires, this is a healthy thing– laying the ground for new, vigorous growth. In mythology, the Phoenix rises from the ashes of destruction to start a new life cycle. In today’s uneasy world, this work relys on the hope that this is one of those transitional stages, and out of the rubble, something better will start to rise.

choreography: Flora Wiegmann

dancers: Cheryl Banks-Smith, Rebecca Bruno, Hyosun Choi, Devika Wickremesinghe, Flora Wiegmann

costumer: Nancy Stella Soto

composer:  Ben Shemie

directed by: Flora Wiegmann with Shimmy Boyle and Katherine Helen Fisher

video production: Safety Third Productions
includes editing, shooting, and color correction with a team that includes Katherine Helen Fisher, Shimmy Boyle, Michael Assous, Ethan Coco and Caroline Haydon

shot at SV Studios, Los Angeles

Thank you to the Hammer Museum and c. nichols projects for the support to make this work