Body Envelope

An improvisation in Nina Waisman’s piece “Body Envelope”, in preparation for a performance at 7pm on November 8, 2012, at Villa Montalvo. Mariah Maloney and Natalie Metzger will also be creating performances in the “Body Envelope” interactive sculpture. More info here:
Sounds are triggered at each sensor, these sounds mash-up the 1920’s high-life at Villa Montalvo with life outside of this bubble. Moving towards or away from the sensors increases or decreases speed, pitch, volume. Thus the sound-scape is always different, composed in collaborations between the visitor and the piece.
The piece is used in performance, and in installations and public spaces where passers-by can explore and compose within it.

Flora Wiegmann creates choreography in Nina Waisman’s piece “Body Envelope” from nina waisman on Vimeo.

Author: flora wiegmann

Flora Wiegmann aims to recontextualize dance and grant it new possibilities for communication, and to question the limitations inherent in time-based performance. A relocation of dance from the theatrical stage to zones of different institutions as well as the outside world, gives rise to a rich and complex territory for discourse that links historical and contemporary positions of both dance and art simultaneously. Each project begins with a specific conceptual framework out of which the work unfolds. Historical inquiry is often a part of the process, whether it is regarding the specific site of performance or a current personal investigation. Wiegmann often collaborates with visual artists; these pairings of expertise have uncovered parallels between interests and influence, exposing interconnectedness between artistic practices of all categories. At the same time, she continues to create solo works that result in her own distinct findings.