Artist of the Month interview on artdotearth 2021

Re-Enchantment, essay by Wiegmann included in Evolving the Forest, edited by Simon Lloyd (Royal Forestry Society), Richard Povall (artdotearth), and Jeremy Ralph (Timber Strategies), and published by artdotearth Books. 2020


The Los Angeles Times, Why the Hammer biennial is the right show for disturbing times, June 5, 2018, Christopher Knight

New York Times, Signs of the Apocolypse……June 4, 2018, by Jori Finkel (below)

Los Angeles Times, Dance Moves Back in the Picture, June 3, 2018, by Laura Blieberg

“As ecologist Fritjof Capra advocates in his “systems view of life,” the only possibility for the human species to survive is to build and nurture sustainable communities, enabled by reciprocal networks of communication. Theatre may well contribute to this deep cultural ecology by creating living artworks that headline such pressing, if less ostentatious issues as ecology, global warming, artificial intelligence, inequitable, distribution and depletion of our terrestrial resources, and the promise of interstellar migration. In this light LEI offers us a contemplative theatrical timespace, to experience spectacles of covert relevance, making visible our unseen familiar.”    MEILING CHENG, University of Southern California

Beach and Tunnel (review), Theatre Journal, Volume 70, Number 1, March 2018, pp. 83-85 by Meling Cheng

Los Angeles Times, Olivier Messiaen wrote music in a Nazi prison camp. Artist Susan Silton has asked women to perform it, June 14 2017, by Carolina A. Miranda

VMagazine, Beverly Hills Gets Weirder, Oct. 2014, by Courtney Malick

Review of Dyslexicon, May 2014, by Carol Cheh




Interview with Kate Costello.  Note: it starts on page 53





Essay Download:  You just had to be there…..or maybe not, written by Flora Wiegmann

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