at C. Nichols Project

April 1-30, 2014

press release

Review of Dyslexicon, May 2014, by Carol Cheh

Wall texts (fictitious dance notation) served as choreographic instructions for participating performers including: Rebecca Bruno, Margherita Elliot, Busy Gagnes, Jil Stein, Christine Suarez, Lisa Wahlander, Alexa Weir, Allison Wyper, and Flora Wiegmann. Each worked individually to create repeatable dances based on each text. The closing reception allowed for each interpretation to be showcased side-by-side, resulting performances containing obvious artistic difference and surprising similarities.

Text image with dancer

Margherta Elliot

dyslexicon 3

Flora Wiegmann and Margherita Elliot

dyslexicon 4

Busy Gagnes and Alexa Weir

Skills Installation, Live Performance