Following Beatrix

Following Beatrix, 2016

Inspired by Beatrix Ferrand’s role in shaping the landscape at Occidental during the 1930s, the piece examined how her influence may affect movement through campus today. This history, paired with the current scientific knowledge of the intelligence and communication of plants, served as the foundation for the movement score. The qualities of the various settings (such as a thoroughfare, amphitheater, archway, or fountain) shaped and reshaped the way in which the score unfolded, often defining the amount of space in which the bodies had to move. The work was designed to be both something that may be “happened upon” while students and faculty go about their day, and as a formal performance that can be viewed for long periods of time and followed to its various locations.

Video Trailer on Vimeo

Concept/Score by Wiegmann. 

Performed by Bernard Brown, Jennie Mary Tai Liu, Carol McDowell, Cheryl Banks-Smith, Devika Wickremesinghe and Flora Wiegmann

The Score:

    1. A Comfortable Approach
    2. Acclimate
    3. What’s Underfoot
    4. Signal and Receive
    5. The Gardener’s Record
Skills Live Performance, Recent Works