Wandering (still)

Wandering (still) is a dual-screen, 16 mm film transferred to digital. Premiered at the Orange County Museum of Art as part of the California Biennial, 2010

The impetus for this work was two photographs of a dance piece called Die Wanderung, by Mary Wigman (originally spelled Wiegmann), 1925. These black and white images captured moments of her 13-person dance company performing outdoors. I took those two images, placed them side-by-side (mimicked here by the split screen) and performed the role of each body in the photo, magically transporting from one screen to another. In performing each woman, I studied the way she was positioned and imagined habitual elements to her individual way of moving. I then embodied those elements as I moved through each position. This was done 13 times in the film. In conjunction with the film, 13 live performances, entitled Wandering (detail) occurred in the gallery.┬áMuch like the film, where the bodies’ positions in space served as structure for the movement, each improvisation was an investigation of the physical attributes of each woman, inscribing a fictional narrative of her own individual movement habits in a tangible way.

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Skills Film, Video