Flora Wiegmann works in live performance, dance and film, often making research-based work that is specific to its particular site. After a year at the Laban Centre in London, she earned her BA in Dance from Columbia College, Chicago and got her MFA from UCLA in 2007. Her projects have been presented at the ICA, Philadelphia; The Kitchen, New York; the California Biennial, Newport Beach; The Hammer Museum and the Music Center, Los Angeles, Midway Contemporary, Minneapolis; The David Roberts Foundation and The Camden Arts Centre, London; The Banff Center for Creativity in Canada, and Université Rennes in France among others. She is co-founder of the Laboratory for Embodied Intelligences with artist Nina Waisman, which serves as a conceptual umbrella for artists, scientists and community members to learn from and dialogue with each other about their own particular research on physical behaviors, sociality, communication, and intelligence. Together they have created work that embodies scientific data and allows participants to try on non-human perspectives in order to upend human-centric viewpoints and gain reverence, and therefore, empathy, for other creatures.