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Body Envelope

An improvisation in Nina Waisman’s piece “Body Envelope”, in preparation for a performance at 7pm on November 8, 2012, at Villa Montalvo. Mariah Maloney and Natalie Metzger will also be creating performances in the “Body Envelope” interactive sculpture. More info here:
Sounds are triggered at each sensor, these sounds mash-up the 1920’s high-life at Villa Montalvo with life outside of this bubble. Moving towards or away from the sensors increases or decreases speed, pitch, volume. Thus the sound-scape is always different, composed in collaborations between the visitor and the piece.
The piece is used in performance, and in installations and public spaces where passers-by can explore and compose within it.

Flora Wiegmann creates choreography in Nina Waisman’s piece “Body Envelope” from nina waisman on Vimeo.